Friday, February 10, 2012

12 papers accepted for the conference

It has been a busy day reviewing all the papers. The result was that 12 papers was accepted for writer's workshop in VikingPLoP 2012. In addition, we have one, still pending, suggestion for a focus group topic.

We would like to congratulate the authors whose paper was accepted to the conference. Registration has also opened. Participants should register for the conference latest at 2nd of March.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Registration now open!

Today's weather conditions inTampere: -21 degrees celcius. Tomorrow - 25 degrees of celcius. What else you got to do than to plan the upcoming conference?

We have been working hard and we are proud to announce that the registration for VikingPLoP 2012 is now open. Please visit conference website ( and register for the conference.

Shepherding is proceeding well and we will probably end up with two tracks. One for pure software engineering papers and another track for papers with more human touch.